THE TRUTH behind HEAT’s legendary ‘Coffee Shop Scene’ – Q&A with Pacino, DeNiro, Mann and Nolan. 

MICHAEL MANN’s gripping 1995 crime thriller HEAT was the first film to ever bring together acting giants DeNiro and Pacino. Better still, the two were playing arch rivals. 

As you can imagine, the anticipation of seeing such master craftsmen together in the same movie was huge and the now infamous ‘Coffee Shop Scene’ where the two characters face off for the first time did not disappoint.

In this Q&A hosted by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, we get to find out how it all happened including a reluctance to over rehearse and finally putting to bed the myth that both actors filmed their individual shots on different days and were never actually in the Coffee Shop at the same time. 

Quality work from top to bottom. 

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