The TRAP of feeling like you ‘NAILED IT’ – insight from Bridges and McConaughey

Nicholas Barter, the former principal of renowned acting school RADA used to say “Beware of the feel good factor”. 

There are often times during a performance, be that on stage or on camera when it may feel like you absolutely nailed it. The energy was coursing through your vains and every inch of you felt alive to the emotion of the moment.


Those feelings of adrenaline-fuelled satisfaction are often a very personal and unhelpful illusion. You may feel like you were surfing the scene perfectly as the hairs stand up on the back of your neck but in actual fact, from the perspective of the audience (who are not ‘charged’ in the same way), your delivery can seem inappropriate at best and indulgent at worst. 

Just listen here to Matthew McConaughey and Jeff Bridges discuss that exact feel-good trap. 

There’s a fine line between self expression and art

Says Matthew. With Bridges adding:

You ever get that feeling when you’re like “Oh man I totally kicked it”. Then you and watch dailies the following day and it’s “Wow, look at that asshole, cathartic but has nothing to do with telling the story”

The feel good factor – Something to beware of. 

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