Technique VS Presence? HOPPER on BRANDO

Looking back at the greatest actors of our time there is a phrase we will have all come across sometime or other;


Of course it’s true that the on screen gravitas, the magnetism, the tangible yet undefinable presence of someone like Marlon Brando cannot be learned from any text book. Yet many of the acting greats often share one thing in that they are all fanatical students to their craft. The wonderful Anthony Hopkins talks of hours upon hours spent sitting in dark cinemas watching film after film after film – studying, absorbing. Brando too.

So what is the magical combo? Can one get by relying on natural charisma with a modicum of technique? Conversely is it ever possible to achieve greatness with technique alone, even in the absence of an innate je ne sais quoi?

In this vintage clip, screen icon DENNIS HOPPER shares his thoughts on MARLON BRANDO’s unique balance and reminisces of their tempestuous partnership on Apocalypse Now.

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