RACHEL MCADAMS’ audition for ‘The Notebook’ is OFF-THE-SCALE!!!

Acting is tough. Auditioning is harder.

You probably haven’t had long to work on the material, you’ve probably had an arduous journey on public transport to get to the meeting, then it’s a quick hello and……action! You’re on!

The Actors Pad has covered several key tips that can help you conquer the dreaded mountain that is auditioning, from AMY CUDDY’S Power Posing Technique to BRIAN CRANSTON’S ‘You’re Not There To Get A Job’ philosophy.

But once you’ve risen above the fear of the situation, there’s one crucial thing that comes straight from the Acting Bible 101 and that is…..LISTEN! As the great ALAN RICKMAN said “All one wants to see from an actor is the intensity and accuracy of their listening” 

Take a look at this impeccable audition tape from RACHEL MCADAMS ‘The Notebook’ casting. She is alive, engaged, and truly in the moment with every passing second. Even when she doesn’t have a scripted line to say, she isn’t standing there idle, she’s acutely focused on her acting partner, listening and feeling the impact of every thing she hears.

Of course, it does help if the person you’re performing opposite happens to be RYAN GOSLING and not some mumbling casting assistant.






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