‘One of “THOSE” actor stories’ – GUEST VLOG by @MrJoeGooch

Despite the long hard slog that many of us experience in trying to get an acting career off the ground, you often see actors of note appearing on chat shows or with interviews in magazines rattling off tried and tested anecdotes of how they fell into the business by chance.

Actor JOE GOOCH remembers one such tale from a certain TIM ROTH who said;

I just popped in to a theatre to see if I could borrow a bicycle pump….ended up working for ALAN CLARK (the film director who would later cast Roth in his film debut for ‘Made In Britain’)

With these hope-filled stories of chance and opportunity in mind, Joe set off with handfuls of CV’s and Showreels to tout his wares around some of London’s biggest production companies and found himself in the offices of one RIDLEY SCOTT. Out of nowhere, while sitting down to handwrite a note to Scott, one such chance-opportunity presented itself as an assistant appeared and uttered the immortal words:

Are you here for the audition?

How would JOE react?    

Would this be the start of something big?

A tale he would one day reel off on The Nightly Show?





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