CASTING ADVICE for KIDS – by Talent Agent & Casting Director FIONA CROSS

Top London casting agency ROAD CASTING are hosting a Kids Acting Workshop this weekend with a primary focus on AUDITION TECHNIQUE.
THE ACTORS PAD caught up with course directer FIONA CROSS to find out some of her best casting hints and tips.

“When you start out in the industry, castings can be quite a terrifying prospect. You immediately can’t help yourself from imagining a panel of scary sassy casting directors * a particular TV show hosted by industry mogul comes to mind*

Truth is, castings are actually not that scary.

The most important thing you need to do is to be prepared to be yourself.

Of course your acting ability will matter but the first thing the casting director will notice about you is your personality and attitude. If those don’t show in a positive light, it could totally overshadow your skills.

So here would be my top advice for mastering an audition. Don’t just spend time preparing for your role. Spend time on you.  Relax, meditate, focus and re-centre yourself.

And if adults find them intimidating, imagine how children and teens actors might find the prospect?

Managing the nerves and anticipations of young actors is a totally different ball game. A series of games and activities can be a very effective way to help the child actor prepare and to increase their confidence before walking into a casting.

Teens are blessed with the additional bonus of conflicting hormones and often a feeling of not knowing yourself anymore. It’s important for the teen actor to remember that this is OK. That is who they are at that moment in time. They are a wonderful teen morphing for a child to an adult, from fearless to fearful with a body reflecting the constant changes. It’s OK because that is exactly what the casting director will be looking for. Remember that if they are looking specifically for a teen, they are looking for the full package. Remind your teen actor to embrace every change that the day/week/month has brought on. Once they have done that they will be ready to walk in to any audition”

Fiona Cross 
Talent Agent & casting director 

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