“You read the script, then you have to find out WHY does the person say those lines” JUDI DENCH

One of the finest actors of her generation, the remarkable JUDI DENCH discusses her process. 

It’s the same whether it’s theatre, TV, film…whatever. You eventually get to read that script, then you have to somehow find out…WHY does that person say those lines in answer to something somebody else has said? What is it in that persons make up that makes them react in that way?

She goes on to reveal another top tip given to her by theatre director PETER HALL.

Don’t feel like you have to play the whole of the character in one scene. You have to play an aspect of them. Hopefully by the end it will add up to the whole person

As Oscar winning movie director Sam Mendez said when asked about his top tip for making a film…

Rule number 1: CAST JUDI DENCH

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