YIKES! Is this the most AWKWARD interview ever!!!!

Ok, lets get one thing straight before we take a look at this, very few actors will truly appreciate the mind-numbing monotony of an industrialised press junket.

Dozens if not hundreds of reporters lined up ready to get a quote or soundbite on your upcoming movie, asking the same mundane questions, often trying to mix things up by playing some pointless game with dubious relevance to the film.

[It’s perhaps also worth mentioning at this point that the whole thing is a bit of a sham as the journos are bribed into writing glowing reviews with the studios paying for flights, hotel rooms, food and booze, gift bags and often over £200 per day in expenses. But that’s by-the-by.]

Bribery aside, we can all agree that as far as the actor is concerned junkets are tedious, boring, and often insult your intelligence as a bona-fide artiste.


To star in movies that qualify for such intense media coverage the actor is likely to have been paid a tasty sum of money, been chauffeur driven from luxury accommodation to wherever they damn well please, and been waited on hand and foot for the duration of the project.

Is it then too much to ask that you spend a few weeks talking about the film and that you greet each journalist (otherwise known as a human being) with a modicum of decency and respect?

Take at look at how bad it can be when things go wrong. DISCLAIMER, prepare for some serious toe-curlage.


Oooff that stings.

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