WATCH – Even when MORGAN FREEMAN is playing around it’s MIND BLOWING!!!

Despite being a truly magnificent screen actor with an overflowing list of wonderful qualities and attributes, MORGAN FREEMAN is perhaps revered above all else for his instantly recognisable silky smooth vocal tone. 

One of his earliest film performances put that talent to great use by giving Freeman a roaring V.O. as narrator. That film was of course The Shawshank Redemption. 

Such is people’s thirst to hear the great man waxing lyrical that he rarely appears on a TV chat show without being asked to read some inane piece of text for our delight. This trend continued in earnest recently when he was asked to parody his Shawshank monologue on the Graham Norton show, and boy was it wonderous. 

Just look at the state of cool relaxation he puts himself into. There is and ease, and measure that allows him the space to land every word with rich colour and texture. 

That’s how it’s done folks!

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