The OBJECTIFICATION of women in Hollywood

Stereotypical roles for women in film:

THE HOT BABE? (Have to have a hot babe in the movie)

THE WIFE? (Much younger than the husband)

THE MOTHER (Devoid of any sensuality or sexuality)

DOCTORS (This is where you fulfil your minority obligations – Oriental, Asian, Black etc)


CHIARA TILESI, founder of ‘We Do It Together’ a nonprofit film Production Company dedicated to the empowerment of women hits the nail on the head:

“There are plenty of women with great talent who are not given the opportunity. If we keep feeding the role of the woman as an object then most likely we will treat the woman as an object”

Actress an Activist FREIDA PINTO says:

“There is a certain way that women have been portrayed in film for years. The next generation of young boys and girls, you can really shape the way they think about girls and women. If the representation in film is not just objectification, that they just see strong female characters from now on.”


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