The importance of getting to grips with the BUSINESS side of things. JENNIFER LAWRENCE


As an artist, be it actor or other, the business side of the coin can often be overlooked or even thought of as cynical, almost dirty. In fact people who consider themselves to be artistes often relish the idea that they are removed from the everyday business rat-race, denying the importance of it and choosing to focus solely on the creative process. 

But this is a mistake. 

JENNIFER LAWRENCE speaking to Charlie Rose explains the moment she realised how important it was to get a grip on the business side of things. 

I don’t understand how people do slack.

Without getting control of the BUSINESS I lose some sort of control over the creative. 

To which Charlie sought to clarify by adding:

The more you control the business the more you give wings to the creative?

EXACTLY. I used to stay out of it (the business side)… “I don’t care, I’m an artist”… but I realised this is my business now and it is important. I’ve worked really hard to build this and I want to continue building it. It’s my personal business. 

Get organised. Get on the front foot. Be proactive.


An awakening that is essential to take your work to the next level. 

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