“Rehearsal is not practice….it’s FINDING” – SIR PETER HALL

Hailed as ‘The Godfather of British Theatre’ SIR PETER HALL was a pioneer in the truest sense founding the RSC at just 29 years of age.

He led the company from 1960 to ’68 before becoming the director of the National Theatre in 1973 and oversaw the theatre’s new housing in the now iconic South Bank building.

Speaking on life as a director he said:

Being a director is, not exactly hiding everything, but it’s being jolly careful what you show. When an actor is in trouble in rehearsal and really not getting there, its no help to him saying ‘You are dreadful you know’. Though there are directors in the world who do do that.”

To me the great joy of being a director is leading the company into areas of finding out what the work is about. Rehearsal is not practice….it’s FINDING.

Five Minutes With: Sir Peter Hall

Five Minutes With: Sir Peter Hall

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