“My job is to try to fathom what he entrusts me with, not to pull it down to my level” CHRISTOPH WALTZ on TARANTINO

Ralph Fiennes & Christoph Waltz discussing the specificity and precision of working with acclaimed film directors Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino.

While there will be many directors who would be happy or even encourage improvisation on a movie set, that certainly is not the case where these two creative visionaries are concerned. The accuracy and clarity of their concept is so defined and each line of dialogue crafted to such detail that everything has to be just-so.

“I wouldn’t dare to, but nor would I want to change a single comma. It’s a treasure”


“I would damage what I do if i were to change the script. My job is to try to fathom what he entrusts me with and not to bend or pull it down to my level.”



Of course it all depends on the creative process of each particular director, but it’s certainly a good message not to be tempted to cheat or adapt lines of dialogue so that they’re more comfortable for you.

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