KEVIN SPACEY’S Audition Tip – “They WANT you to be good”

Two time Oscar winner and Artistic Director of the Old Vic Theatre in London for over a decade, KEVIN SPACEY has teamed up with Mastercard to deliver a web series entitled ‘Masterclass’ where for a not-so-small fee you can subscribe to the online acting classes.

In this little nugget of wisdom from the man himself, SPACEY reminds us that contrary to the sometimes sour-faced welcome from an audition panel, they are in fact willing you to do well…

“No matter how cold, or to some degree rude, they might be, they are on your side for a single reason,” explains Spacey. “They have a problem they have to solve, they have to cast this damn thing. They’ve been sitting in this goddamn room day after day and no one has done it for them. They want you to be good, they want you to solve their problem because they’d rather go to lunch and drink wine.”

So the next time you audition just remember “They’re on your side”

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