“Keep Going And Find That Thing You Love!” – ROBIN WILLIAMS

In this brilliant interview for BAFTA GURU, the genius ROBIN WILLIAMS takes us back to his early days – from drama school, to treading water as a stand-up, and his big break as MORK.

I started off initially studying acting at Juilliard…I couldn’t find acting work so I started doing stand-up comedy. The stand-up eventually led me back into acting. It was kind of a back door thing.


If you’re talking about getting into Film and TV, Gary Marshall – (creator of HAPPY DAYS) – his kid had seen Star Wars and wanted to put an alien on Happy Days… So they ended up writing this one off character MORK… and I auditioned and got the part.  Then eventually there was some commitment that Paramount had to ABC where they had to put a series on so they threw together MORK and found Pam (Pam Dawber co-star) and they made MORK & MINDY which was a big break for me. Really a lucky coincidence.


He leaves us with these generous words of wisdom:


It’s tough. Keep going and find that thing you love. If you can find that thing that really gives you joy…that’s it!




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