“In a world where you hear NO much more than YES…you’ve gotta make friends with NO”

In debate for THR’s Roundtables series, six incredible actresses discuss early advice they received starting out and inadvertently land on the same basic principle…Get comfortable with hearing NO.

Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives)

“You’re not out of it until you quit. In all the times when I thought I would never get another job, if I’d quit then I wouldn’t be sitting here with all of you guys.”


JULIE BOWEN (Modern Family)

“It’s a numbers game. I was told ‘You’re gonna have to go on 30 auditions before you get a callback and 50 auditions before you get a job.”

“So every time I got a NO I was like ‘Oh good, thats one of the 30’…It’s probably not true, but in a world where you hear NO much more than YES, you’ve gotta find ways to make friends with NO”

Get your thick-skin on and keep marching.

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