How to handle endless press interviews – ROGER MOORE style. 

The late Roger Moore was truly one of the most charismatic, debonair and generous actors of his day. He had a reputation for being warm hearted and kind spirited even when faced with the most mundane of situations – the dreaded press junket.  

After enduring a seemingly never ending conveyer belt of journalists, each peddling their own kitch-laden questions, Moore still had the ability to find the fun and remain open and present. 

Michael Wilson, producer of a number of Bond films said:

Any actor who plays Bond is besieged by the press. Roger Moore was particularly good with reporters, offering a light touch when answering often repetitive questions. 

These classic clips from 1979 are compiled from dozens of press interviews Moore did on the opening day of the new set at Pinewood for Spy Who Loved Me

Effortlessly cool and inviting, with Moores’ distinctive combination of mischief, wit and class.

A great man. 

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