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Auditions are tough!

They come in at a moments notice, with material to learn, research to consider, accents to prep, often requiring you to practice late into the night whilst trying not to wake your sleeping flat mate. Then you traipse to the other side of the city, utilising the precious train time for some last minute cramming, take a deep breath and walk into the casting room. Certainly not for the faint hearted. All you can do is put in some hard graft and give it your best shot.

But unfortunately, there are some things you just can’t prepare for…..


GUEST BLOG by Jade Johnson

My very first casting was for Into The Woods.

I was so excited to finally be out there and being seen for such a huge job! I had done lots of audition prep classes at my theatre school and everyone had said it was good to shake the hand of the people on the table at the end, as a sign of respect.

I went in for a handshake at the end of my audition and in the process, spilt the CD’s coffee all over the table and over all the documents and pieces of paper that were on it. I apologised profusely, they shooed me away and as I went to leave, trying not to cry, I tripped up the step on the way out!!!!

Literally vowed to never audition for anything ever again, but obviously I did and whilst they have never been that bad, I do still have the occasional scarring blunder.

Oh, the things we do for love!


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