DUSTIN HOFFMANS fury at the lack of rehearsal time on film sets. 

Everybody knows filming schedules are incredibly tight. It’s also a common fact that scenes filming towards the end of the day are likely to be squeezed the most leaving little or no time for the actors to experiment or rehearse the material properly. 

In this interview, HOFFMAN points out the imbalance of time allocated to crew and production versus what the actors get. 

You go to work, and the clock is ticking and there’s like this train coming to run you over, and the film is a canvas on a railroad track and the closer is gets the faster the painter paints until…just before the train hits, you pull the canvas and that’s your day’s work

The problem is everyone behind the camera have what’s called pre-pre-production, then they have pre-production, and these are months and months and months of time to keep making mistakes and fail and then discard what they have until they arrive at what they want. Then you’re called from your trailer, and that 150 people who’ve been exposed to the material for months want you to get-it in 10 minutes!

He’s got a point!

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