Quick-Fire Tips

FILM4’S Self Portrait series pools soundbites from some actors who are at the top of their game and hears what makes them tick.

Kiera Knightly – ‘I like to play characters that I don’t know if I can do…to feel that tight-rope.’

Tom Hanks – ‘It requires getting to an emotional reality that is contrary to the setting you are in.’

Anne Hathaway – ‘Love your characters flaws.’

Ben Stiller – ‘It’s important to understand where the character is coming from, what his motivations are.’

Judi Dench – ‘Make people believe you are that person in that circumstance.’

Michael Fassbender – ‘Do a lot of homework. I want to come on to the floor with ideas.’

Natalie portman – ‘It’s always helpful to incorporate anything that’s happening in your own life.’

Leonardo DiCaprio – ‘I remember spending months and months and months watching all the great classics.’

Saoirse Ronan – ‘I like to find characters with an interesting background. Otherwise you just get lazy and pull moves that you know work.’

Andrew Garfield – ‘Your job is to create a real-life, breathing, full, rich, multi-faceted, convoluted, complex person.

Olivia Coleman – ‘When you get the chance to feel the real emotion in something it’s very cathartic. It’s beautiful to be able to let rip.’

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