KACEY AINSWORTH has appeared in many of the nation’s favourite TV productions including Granchester, Holby Blue and as the unforgettable Little Mo in BBC soap EastEnders. Her performance won her two Best Actress awards at the British Soap Awards and a coveted National Television Award (NTA).


When did you realise you wanted to become an actor? 

Age 9 my first professional job I thought this is the life!!

What’s your proudest career moment? Leaving drama school and going straight into a job at the Royal Court

How do you prepare for auditions? Do you enjoy them? 

Some require more prep than others. Period pieces:accents/comedy. I find we are required to learn more than when I first started. 

Some are hard I had to audition to play someone who had had a lobotomy. I started with the internet which gave me info but not feeling, so I ended up getting in the bath and being underwater. There I got that feeling of detachment from my surroundings – that worked! I got the job. But not everything requires that. 

What are the challenges of being in a long running soap? 

For me, repetition and dilution of a character.

There used to be a stigma with appearing in soaps. Does it still exist? Have we moved on?

No, but I’m lucky I’ve steered clear of celebrity stuff. That’s the killer.

Shows like EastEnders are renowned for shooting lots of material each day. How do you cope with the speed of it? Is there a knack? 

No it’s relentless I tried to stay 3 days ahead of filming. Being organised and having a wife helps. I needed a wife…but I have a husband instead – not the same!!

What techniques do you use to get yourself into the right head-space very quickly on set?

Concentration and relaxation are key!

What pieces of advice would you give to actors starting out? 

• Train well if you can.

• You are the first you, not the second coming of someone else.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

“Above!” Rob Clare director – Central ’93

What are you up to at the moment?
Just in post production for one of the three films I’ve made this year and auditioning, like everyone else! 

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